You cannot escape the nightmare you helped to create...

FNAF: Final Purgatory is a randomly generated Five Nights at Freddy's fan game originally created in nine days for ProcJam 2018.

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Survive the night, lasting from 12 PM to 6 AM. Keep an eye out for animatronics as they roam through the map, waiting to stuff you into a suit if you are not careful! Each pizzeria layout is randomly generated, making every play through unique.

FNAF: Final Purgatory is a remake of FNAF: Purgatory, which has been downloaded and played thousands of times since I developed it for ProcJam 2016. For ProcJam 2018, I thought I'd remake the game from the ground up, putting everything I have learned in the two years to make everything better overall.

(Also, it was an excuse to learn Unity again :P)

The game can be played in the browser, but if you are having issues, performance is bad, and/or the graphics look terrible, please try the downloadable version!


  • All maps are completely randomly generated, giving almost infinite pizzerias to survive the night in.
  • The majority of the generation process can be customized in game, with more options being added as time goes on.
    • You can change the map size to really big, or really small. Have a massive 30x30 map with tons of space, or a miniature 2x2 where there is just enough room to survive.
    • Customize how many animatronics spawn, and which ones you get. With a minimum of just 1 animatronic, and a maximum of 50, you can make the pizzeria as empty or filled as you can stomach.
    • Toggle which 'special' animatronics you want in your game. These animatronics behave differently in comparison to the 'standard' animatronics, forcing you to work with (or around) their special behavior to survive the night.
  • If the game is too hard or too easy, you can adjust the (relative) difficulty of the game to fit your play style.
    • Note: because the game is randomly generated and I have only a limited about of time to play test, the difficulties may need adjusting. If you have any feedback on the difficulty levels, please let me know so I can (potentially) adjust.
  • All of the graphics have been remade with a new stylized low-poly look.
    • Everything has returned to it's FNAF:Purgatory 1 roots, but remastered
      to keep a consistent scale and feel across the entire game.
    • Since the FNAF:Purgatory 2, I have learned quite a few new tricks to speed up development of 3D assets while increasing the overall presentation of said assets.
  • The entire game has been rewritten from the ground up, giving better overall performance!
    • FNAF:Final Purgatory is made with the Unity 2018 game engine. This opens up some interesting potential game mechanics that would have been otherwise much harder to do in the prior games.
    • Using what I have learned making the prior two games in the FNAF:Purgatory series, I have been able to improve performance, stability, and add features at a much faster rate. Ideally things that I planned for the prior games but had to scrap due to time/energy constraints are now much more readily doable.
    • Because FNAF:Final Purgatory is made with Unity, you can even play the game in its entirety in your web browser! (Mobile not supported)

Known Issues:

  • When generating giant maps (over 20x20), sometimes the buttons for the rooms disappear and are hard, if not impossible, to access.

If you find any issues, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks!

Change log:

  • Version 0.6.0:
    • Added Playtime (from Baldi's Basics!). Check the instructions page for details on what she does. Playtime still needs a bit more work, and will be updated/upgraded in version 0.7.0.
    • Added Phantom versions of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. Check the instructions page for details on what they do.
    • Moved video related options to its own sub options menu.
    • Fixed issue where labels (text) in the options screen was not always properly updated with option changes.
    • Changed the win game screen links to reflect changes with RandomMomentania.
    • Fixed some screen resolution and aspect ratio related issues.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • Version 0.5.1:
    • Added a new Android build: FNAF:Final Purgatory Gamma. This build should be compatible with almost all Android devices running Android 4.1+ and OpenGL ES 2.0. If the normal Android build does not work, then try the gamma version! (See dev log for more info)
    • The non gamma version of FNAF:Final Purgatory on Android now requires Android 4.3+ and a Android device supporting OpenGL ES 3.0.
    • Added Unity's legacy effects to all builds as a configurable option. These effects should (in theory) run better on lower performance hardware.
    • Added a submit button to Baldi's UI so the enter key is not required to submit an answer. This fixes a problem on virtual keyboards were the enter key was not always available.
    • Fixed issue where Baldi's UI did not reset properly.
    • Fixed issue where Baldi's animations were not updating correctly when in the office.
    • Fixed bug where the background audio in the office was not looping.
    • Fixed bug where one of the rooms was lit strangely when using "Low" or "Very Low" quality. The room lighting was changed slightly so it looks the same on all quality levels.
    • Android only: Baldi now only uses positive numbers, making it possible to answer his questions on Android.
    • Android only: By the default the game now starts with "Low" quality instead of "Medium" quality.
  • Version 0.5.0:
    • Added Lolbit. Check out the instructions page in the main menu for information on what this animatronic does!
    • Added Baldi (from Baldi's Basics!) Check out the instructions page in the main menu for information on what this animatronic does!
    • Added an options menu to change resolution and graphics settings. Input
      bindings will be added in the future, along with other options, and a save/load system so settings are saved between sessions.
    • Added noise to the animatronic posters in the office.
    • Added more power to the office for all difficulties.
    • Added experimental Android export. This export is not officially supported due to my inability to test on a real Android device. Use at your own risk.
    • Upgraded to Unity 2018.3 from Unity 2018.3 beta. There should be less bugs now.
    • Changed how animatronics move throughout the level. Now they move according to their own internal timers instead of relying on a signal from the main game scripts. This allows animatronics to move at different speeds.
    • Changed how Balloon Boy spawns balloons. Now how many balloons he randomly spawns changes based on the difficulty of the game instead of a fixed range.
    • Fixed issue where at low quality settings the shadows in the game would be invisible, making the game look bad and too easy.
    • Removed default Unity configuration popup.
    • By default the game now launches in full screen with medium graphics quality. This can be changed in game, though right now settings are not saved between game sessions.
    • Removed aspect ratio and screen resolution restrictions. Now the game should be playable with most aspect ratios and screen resolutions.
    • Fixed issue where the Web export would lock up when you press quit in the title screen.
    • Various minor fixes to the code base.
  • Version 0.4.0:
    • Added Nightmare Marionette.
    • Added Balloon Boy
      • Balloon Boy is harmless though he can be annoying and potentially help lead to your demise. As time goes by, he will find balloons. If you see him in the camera with balloons, click on him to pop them. If you do not pop his balloons and enough time goes by, you will be forced to play his mini-game.
    • Added Balloon Girl
      • Balloon Girl is technically also a harmless animatronic. As time goes by, she will find balloons. If you see her in the camera with balloons, click on her to pop them. If you do not pop her balloons and enough time goes by, she will replace herself with a random animatronic.
    • Changed Mangled's speed. Now she is quite a bit slower.
    • Added a instructions screen that explains the basics of how to play. This should be replaced with a better version in the future.
    • Added a WebGL version of the game. The download versions will probably run better, faster, and look better, but now a download is not needed to enjoy the game.
    • Fixed some bugs and changed some of the internals a bit.
  • Version 0.3.0:
    • Added Foxy and Mangled.
      • Foxy works like he does in FNAF 1, while Mangled is a slightly faster version of Foxy.
      • Foxy will spawn in pirate cove, while Mangled spawns in party cove.
    • Added Marionette.
      • There are two versions of Marionette: The version that stays in prize corner and has to be kept at bay by rewinding the music box (FNAF 2), and the version that wanders the map trying to stuff you into a suit (FNAF 3).
    • Added additional options to the map generator!
      • Added an option to spawn Foxy and pirate cove.
      • Added an option to spawn Mangled and party cove.
      • Added an option to spawn Marionette in prize corner. (FNAF 2 style)
      • Added an option to spawn Marionette as a standalone animatronic. (FNAF 3 style)
      • Added an option to remove duplicate room spawning.
      • Removed the option to disable the three default animatroincs: Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica.
      • Added three new options, one to spawn Freddy, one to spawn Bonnie, and one to spawn Chica.
      • Added an option to make it where you cannot see the animtronics eyes glowing in the hallway of the security room, forcing you to use the lights to see if they are in the doorway.
    • Small bug fixes and improvements.
      • Made the panels responsible for rotating the camera left and right in the security office larger.
  • Version 0.2.0:
    • Added Shadow versions for Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica!
    • Added additional options to the map generator!
      • Added options to add Shadow Freddy, Bonnie and Chica. Each one is a separate option, allowing you to customize which shadow animatronics you want.
      • Added a option to disable duplicate animatronic spawning. Disabling duplicate animatronic spawning will make it where only one type of animatronic will be spawned in a map (for example, having three Bonnies would be impossible with duplicate animatronic spawning disabled).
      • Added a option to remove the default three animatonics: Freddy, Bonnie and Chica. This option will only work IF you have at least one other animatronic enabled (for example, the shadow animatronics). In the future, spawning Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica will be their own options.
    • Added more power to all difficulties, as before it was a tad too little.
    • Now when you have more animatronics, you get a bit more power to accommodate to the increased power drain more animatronics cause.
    • Rewrote how rooms and entry into said rooms works for animatronics. Now animatronics should respect room directions and can no longer enter, or attack, from opposite sides of the security room.
    • Changed some of the animations in some of the rooms.
    • Small bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Version 0.1.0:
    • Initial release!

Future plans:

  • Add Spring Trap. (Not 100% sure on what to do with this one. I figure I'll make him like he is in FNAF 3, if possible).
  • Add keyboard controls to the game (Maybe? Will need to test. Thanks to porta on GameJolt for the suggestion!)
  • Redo the jumpscare animations so they are more in line with the
    animations in FNAF 2 and 4. (Thanks to jts0329 on for the suggestion!)
  • Redo the instructions page so it is easier to see what each special animatronic does.
  • Change how options are chosen in the start menu, as a giant list is not really ideal.
  • Add Golden Freddy. (Maybe?)
  • Add a vent system. (Maybe?)
  • Add more rooms, both custom rooms and rooms from the FNAF games.
  • Add new animatronics/features/office (maybe?)
  • Redo the dialog recording for the intro cut scene. The current one is from FNAF:Purgatory 2, and it is okay at best. I have learned some about audio since then and can probably do it WAY better now.
  • Add a story. (Maybe?)
  • And more. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

Note: This is a fan game, developed in my spare time. Please support the official Five nights at Freddy's games!

I do not claim ownership of any of the Five nights at Freddy's material in this game. All rights to Five nights at Freddy's belong to Scott Cawthon.

I do not claim ownership of any of the Baldi's Basics
material in this game
. All rights to Baldi's Basics belong to mystman12 on Itch.IO.

This is a free fan game, I don't make any money off it. For more legal information, please download and read README.pdf.

Also: This game contains flashing lights, jump scares, and potentially loud noises! This game may cause issues to people with Photosensitive epilepsy, or similar conditions.

Install instructions

If you are on Windows, you'll need to download the proper version for your computer. For most users, this should be

Only the Windows version has been tested. If you find any bugs in the Linux or MacOS versions, please let me know so I can fix them! Thanks!

The Android version of the game is unofficial and requires Android 4.1. I would suggest trying the gamma version of FNAF:Final Purgatory on Android if the normal version does not work.

Please note that unofficial builds are not guaranteed to work, nor will they receive bug fixes beyond those that the official builds receive.


Download 41 MB
Download 24 MB
Download 26 MB
Download 27 MB
Download 73 MB

Development log


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The cool Game Custom Night

Thanks Danil2018 GameRemaster!

my brightness is also all the way up.

Can you please brighten the office i can't see the door or light button. Thx!!!

Hey SANSTHEPUNNY. Sorry to hear that the office is too dark. I may be able to fix the problem, but I need to know a few more things so I can better determine what the issue is.

If possible, can you take a screenshot of the game and post it either in a reply here, or on a platform like Imgur? That way I can take a look and see if it is a shader/graphics conflict with the game.

What platform are you running the game on? Are you running the game on desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), web (WebGL), or Mobile (Android).

If you are running the game on Android, are you running the gamma version or the normal version? Have you tried the gamma version? If you are not running the game on Android, have you tried the legacy effects? The legacy effects are slightly brighter overall, so maybe that will help.

Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

hello developer i am back do you make any progress on Android 4.4.4 

For anyone on Itch.IO wondering, here's the Gamejolt comment:

Anyway, to answer your question, yes and no. I think I have discovered what the problem is, and I think I have found a way to replicate the problem on the official Android emulator.

The problem appears to be the Android devices that are not working do not support the full OpenGL ES 3.0 spec. This is a bit of a problem because I am using a linear color space in Unity so the post process effects work correctly, which requires OpenGL ES 3.0. I can compile for OpenGL ES 2.0, which should fix the problem, but I have to switch to gamma color space, meaning not only do the post process effects not work correctly, but also the game is very dark and hard to play.

I may have some solutions, but it will take a bit to work through them, especially with the holidays coming up. I'm shooting to release a bug fix version 0.5.1, sometime late December to early January. Please try to be patient until then ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for inquiring, and happy holidays! ๐ŸŽ‰


Maybe add a few easter eggs like being able to boop freddys nose on the poster and get a honk sound? Sounds fun dont it.

I have some plans for some Easter eggs, just need to find the time to add them ๐Ÿ™‚


Can you possibly rework the jumpscares? Also the settings do not work for me. It only shows 2-3 at a time even though all characters are selected.

I can probably rework the jump scares. Anything in particular you feel is missing from them? I know they are not terribly scary, but if there is anything else you feel is missing I'll try to take that into consideration.

As far as the options not working, did you change the minimum and maximum animatronic count? By default the game is set to only spawn 1-3 animations at a time, but you can override this by setting the the minimum and maximum animatronic count to a higher value. You can also force it to spawn all animatronics by enabling the "No duplicate animatronics" option and setting the minimum and maximum to something like 20. That should spawn all of the animatronics.


Ok Ill try it. As for the jumpscares, I might have the animations play faster than current and have them tackle or their faces are "pouncing" close to the screen kind of like the jumpscares in FNaF 2 and 4. Just a thought  for a more intense experience. It makes me want to stay alive, so I dont get scared. Let me know if this makes sense.

I think I get what you are saying. I'll see about making the jumpscares faster, and with more threatening/rapid movement. I'll take a look at the jumpscares in FNAF 2 and 4 as reference. I will add redoing the jumpscares to my list of things to add in a future version :)

Thanks jts0329!


That's what I mean. I Appreciate you for listening. I love this game. Probably the best browser based FNaF game; never seen a good 3D FNaF for the web (p.s. I also found out how to adjust the settings, thanks).

Thanks jts0329, I really appreciate the feedback and compliment!

I am glad you are enjoying the game, and I will do my best to keep working on it and make it even more fun and fully featured.

(1 edit) (+1)

I know you probably aren't interested in taking suggestions, but here is an idea:

Phantom Animatronics: They either A.randomly show up on the cameras and force the player to change to another or pull it down, B.appear in either door blindspot, and if the player sees them in the light, quickly turn off the door light, or C.appear directly in the office, making the player have to pull up the camera to avoid them. 

If the player fails to do any of these, they will jumpscare the player and temporarily make the cameras unusable.

Thanks for the suggestions supernewtonbros! I appreciate it!

While I have a general idea of what to add and how, I'm always open to any suggestions and/or other forms of feedback anyone has to offer. ๐Ÿ™‚

I'll add adding Phantom animatronics to the list of things to add in a future update. I think the ideas are good, I'll just need to prototype and test them to see which works best with the game play and with the code base. While I cannot guarantee they will be added, I certainly do not mind giving it a short and seeing where it goes.

Thanks again!