Version 1.0.0!

New release

Hey guys!

I just released version 1.0.0, which has the following changes:

  • Added three new animatronics: Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, and Nightmare Chica.
    • The Nightmare animatronics change behavior if you look at them. Check out the instructions page in-game for details!
  • Changed how game settings (for animatronics and rooms) are stored. Now the game will remember the last used settings within the same session.
    • The settings are not saved to a file, so restarting the game will reset the game settings back to their defaults.
  • Added a new grid based system for selecting the animatronics.
    • Now animatronics are stored within a grid with thumbnails for each one, allowing you to see which ones could appear visually.
    • The animatronics chosen will be saved in the same session, no longer requiring you to select the same animatronics when you complete/lose the game.
  • Updated the game to Unity 2019.
    • Removed the chromatic aberration image effect from the new images effects, as it was not working. The rest of the effects are still there and all of the legacy effects are still working.
    • Changed some settings to correct how shadows appear at lower rendering quality settings.
  • Fixed small issues and bugs.

I am happy with how FNAF:Final Purgatory has turned out and I feel that everything I set out to accomplish when I started this remake has been done.

Initially I set out to make FNAF:Final Purgatory to relearn Unity and now I feel that not only did I relearn Unity, but this version has grown into something even better than the previous versions combined!

  • There are WAY more animatronics than in FNAF:Purgatory and FNAF:Purgatory 2, many of them with unique gameplay mechanics.
  • The game runs way better than before. Both of the prior FNAF:Purgatory games had some performance issues, and now I think it is safe to say that many, if not all, of those issues are gone.
  • The entire game has a really nice low-poly style that looks great.
  • I learned a TON from remaking the game. Not only did I relearn Unity, but I also learned through revising and remastering the code so it runs even better, has smarter AI, and more! It has been a great learning experience.

Because of all this, I feel now is the perfect time to consider the game to be at version 1.0.0. Right now FNAF:Final Purgatory is everything I set out to create and more.

The future

However, with school, work, and other projects, time has become increasingly limited. With the game reaching it's full release, I think it is time to move on to new and exciting projects, leaving FNAF:Final Purgatory where it is for now.

This doesn't mean FNAF:Final Purgatory is never going to be worked on again, just for the foreseeable future, FNAF:Final Purgatory is complete. If I get inspiration and time to work on FNAF:Final Purgatory again, then perhaps I'll make another update, but for right now, I'm going to move forward and work on exciting new projects and games.

If you want to see what I'm working on in the future, please consider following me on Itch.IO, Gamejolt, and/or Twitter. I'll probably post the most on Twitter, so if you want the most up to date look at what I'm working on, that would probably be the best place to look. You can also find my site,, where I post game development tutorials and more.

This has been a really amazing journey in game development. Thanks to everyone who has played the game and continues to play the game! You guys are great!

Thanks for your support!


Due to the shocking number of websites that have scraped the game and are redistributing the game illegally, I have updated the notice that shows when starting the game to inform the player that the game is ONLY available on Itch.IO and Gamejolt.

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Jun 04, 2019

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