Version 0.5.1 released

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to say that after version 0.5.0, FNAF:Final Purgatory has gotten a lot more attention, which is great! I'm happy that more people have found and are enjoying the game!

With version 0.5.0 I released a Android version of the game, and it has been very popular, way more than I expected. Unfortunately, I do not have a real Android device to test on, and so the Android version had several bugs that I missed with the Android emulator. I'm happy to say, that with version 0.5.1 most, if not all, of the major Android related bugs should be fixed now.

If you are not interested in the details or the Android build, feel free to skip the stuff below!

One of the biggest changes I needed to make was supporting OpenGL ES 2.0 as well as OpenGL ES 3.0. Prior to version 0.5.1, all builds of FNAF: Final Purgatory were using a linear color space by default. This was needed to use the cool new Unity post processing effects that really make the game pop visually. Unfortunately, linear rendering only works with OpenGL ES 3.0 devices, meaning a good chunk of Android users could not play the game.

To fix this, I decided to use the old Unity legacy effects and try to make them as visually similar as possible to the new Unity effects. By using the old Unity legacy effects, I can support the gamma rendering space and therefor support the majority of Android devices.

Now there are two versions of FNAF:Final Purgatory on Android, a normal version and a gamma version. If the normal version looks better and uses Android 4.3+ and OpenGL ES 3.0, while the gamma version uses the legacy effects and should run on almost all Android devices running Android 4.1+ with OpenGL ES 2.0 support.

The only unfortunate thing about the gamma version is that unfortunately the graphics are not nearly as good looking. Switching to gamma space removed a lot of the visuals. If possible, I would highly recommend trying to run the normal version first, and if it does not work then resort to the gamma version.

But while the game does not look nearly as good with the gamma version, at least now it should be playable on most every Android device!

So, in a effort to support Android on as many devices as possible, now every build has the option to use the Unity legacy effects! You can toggle the effects to and from Unity's legacy and new effects in the options menu. The legacy effects don't look quite as good, but they should (hopefully) run better on lower end hardware.

On top of that, this release includes a bunch of fixes to bugs I found while watching IULITM play FNAF:Final Purgatory. Huge thanks to IULITM for playing! Go check out the video if you are interested!

That's all for this release. Hopefully now the game will run nicely on Android, and now Baldi is less bug ridden on all platforms.

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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