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Use enhanced IK solvers in the Godot game engine!

This plugin gives the Godot game engine new and enhanced Inverse Kinematics, or IK, capabilities that can breath life into your games.

If you have ever wanted to add procedural animation to your project, use rigidbody physics with skeletons, have a way to animate 3D skeletons directly in the Godot editor, or use 2D IK in real-time, then this plugin is for you!

Note: The plugin is still in development! Features, API, documentation and examples are still being worked on! The plugin is stable and usable currently, but things may change a bit as updates come out.

Please check out this forum post to see what is in store and plugin change log.


Here are some of the highlight features of this plugin.

  • A new Twisted_Skeleton3D node and Twisted_Bone3D nodes. These nodes make it simple to edit bone transforms both in Godot and in the Godot editor.
    • Because the Twisted_Bone3D node is a normal node, you can use the all the tools you are already familiar with. It's the node-based workflow you are used to with Godot, but for bones!
  • A new Twisted_Bone2D node This node allows for using IK algorithms in real-time on 2D projects!
    • It extends a Bone2D node, so you can use all the normal Bone2D functionality.
    • The Twisted_Bone2D node has its own custom gizmo, allowing for different bone shapes and colors!
  • New and enhanced IK. Each IK algorithm is in a modifier node that exposes properties that change how the IK algorithm works.
    • Over 5 IK modifiers are included so far! This includes well know solvers like FABRIK and CCDIK. Mix and match them together to get the procedural animated result you are looking for.
    • IK for both 2D and 3D!
  • New Twisted_PhysicsBone3D and Twisted_PhysicsBone2D nodes. Use Godot's physics engine to add physics to your character! The nodes extends Godot's RigidBody and RigidBody2D node, you the full power of Godot's physics engine and API, so you can control how your character's physics work.
  • Godot editor plugin included. A Godot editor plugin is included to help give editor-specific functionality to the plugin.
  • All of the code is written in C#, for fast performance and portability.
    • Fully supports Godot 3.3+
    • No external libraries or code used. Its portable, and works anywhere C# works with Godot.
    • Full C# source code provided so you can see what is going on(Restrictions apply, as noted in the EULA and FAQ)

You can find a more detailed, complete list of features and contents here on this forum post.

What is the difference between the free/demo and paid version?

Functionally, nothing is different between the two. Currently all the same code, functionality, and more are the same between versions. The difference is in usage. The free/demo version cannot be used for commercial games! If the project is commercial or otherwise makes money, you need to buy the paid version to use it.

The paid version can be used commercially though. This allows me to give great IK to all Godot developers, while also helping support the time, energy, and effort has gone, and goes into, the plugin.

Also, this is worth noting here: You cannot redistribute the plugin, including in public repositories. The only place Twisted IK 2 can be downloaded from is on certified redistributors, currently only here on Itch.IO at the moment.

You can read more about all this in the FAQ and EULA.

Who made this?

Hi! I'm Noah Beard, though I generally go by the username TwistedTwigleg. I am a professional Godot game developer that has been using Godot for over 4 years and the founder of RandomMomentania. I have released many tutorials and games with Godot, several of them here on Itch.IO. I also own and help administrate the Godot Community Forums, where I have helped numerous Godot users.

This plugin is heavily based on the IK work I did for the Google Summer of Code 2020 (GSoC) with many new additions and adjustments to make the system even more powerful and flexible. I started working on IK in Godot way back in January 2018 and this plugin is taking all of the experience I have learned about IK in Godot then and packaging it into a plugin bursting with possibilities.

If you have any questions or concerns, I'd highly recommend checking out the FAQ. You can also always get in touch on the Itch.IO posts below, on Twitter, or on the Godot Community Forums.

Thanks for your support!


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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