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wait a minute!!! Mairusu played this? NICE!


This game was good! I liked the gameplay, although it could use a little tweaking. For example, the "Easy" Mode wasn't exactly..well, easy. It felt more of a "Normal" Mode, but that's not a big issue. The graphics of the animatronics were a bit wonky at times, again, a nitpick. I really did enjoy this game, though. Good work!

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Thanks georgestomatoes!

I know the difficulty needs tweaking, and I’ve tried to fix it in the sequel. Currently I am remaking FNAF Purgatory 2 with a art style similar to this game and I plan on doing extensive play testing to ensure the game is a little more balanced. You can play FNAF Purgatory 2 here (though it is the legacy version. See the devlog for more information)

Thanks again!

His channel is Just King Boyz,and he has been helping me since i 1st created my own channel

Sub,Like or View his video because he has been helping me a lot,and sometimes we play and record together :D

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This game is great,but it makes the game harder because the Animatronics move so fast that i even have to close the door for like 5 or 6 seconds later XD

Anyway,my friend upload a gameplay footage here 


Yeah, FNAF:Purgatory has some difficult gameplay moments due to how the code is set up. I've (hopefully) fixed most of the animatronic behavior in the sequel: FNAF:Purgatory 2

I'll probably fix animatronic behavior in FNAF:Purgatory at a later point, probably after FNAF:Purgatory 2 is at version 1.0.0.


Neat fan game.



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i've got an idea for the game! you know how its fnaf:PUGATORY you could do a new game/mod for the game fnaf:hell the change for the game would be heaven harder and change the look of the place and the animatronic (or any idea you have for this) you could ad a new animatronic some kind of secret

else than that the game gameplay and mecanic is great just the jumpscare they should be louder/scarier so it actually scares the playe

Hi Lolypopmaster!

Thanks for the ideas! I have some cool new stuff in store for FNAF:Purgatory version two! Version two is going to be similar to version one, with some major changes and additions as well, and hopefully it'll be scarier too!

Thanks again.


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Dunno why, but I really like the assets in this game. Especially Foxy. That kind of low poly look is so hard for me to pull off. I hope when you finish updating this game, (which I can't wait for) I hope you'll make a new FNAF Purgatory but free roam, or something similar.

Thanks Dave Microwaves Games!

The new version of FNAF Purgatory is coming out soon! The graphics are going to be overhauled to have a more realistic look, but I'm glad you like the low poly look :D Low poly modeling is very fun, but difficult to pull off!

I currently have no plans to make a free roam version of FNAF Purgatory, though I might look into adding a free roam mode or something similar, after version two is released.

Cool. :D

Android please?


Hi Craig9988!

I do not have any Android versions currently planned, as I do not have a test device for Android.


(Also, I deleted the second comment, since it was a duplicate)

Don't worry bud,no harsh,I can wait ;)

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please add jumpscares. all it shows is the game over screen.

nice consept though.

ps. i think these animatronics are scaryer than the actual game

There should be jump scares, I added them in/around version 0.2.0. Maybe you found a bug? Which version were you playing?


PS: Thanks! I tried a low poly look, and I think it turned out pretty good.

im on mac

Which version of FNAF: Purgatory?

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1: Very Unique, love the idea

2: Can't download (website problem, just wanted to rant about it.)(update, got the download to work.)

3:About how many jumpscares did you go through making this game, and are you immune to them now?

Thanks ThatOneDrewster!

I watched the original jump scares probably two dozen times. As far as being immune, I'm still just as easily jumpscared as before I started development :)

it does not work. it wont open.

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which version? Windows, Linux, or Mac?

The very first 1.0.0 version I released had a bug that prevented it from running. If you downloaded the game yesterday (the 11th) then it might already be fixed, so please redownload and try again if you downloaded yesterday.


I can confirm that the current download for Windows and for Linux open and run. (at least on my computer)

Please try downloading again and see if that solves the problem.



this is an original fan game as in ive never seen anyone else do this idea

Thanks masamooe23!

wow ok thats accually a first ive come upon something like this