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Who else has beaten this game? leave a comment down below.


I beat this game once, and I can beat it again!!!

Markiplier, check him out some day, he is funny as hell

This game is SOOO fun!

I think MARKIPLIER should play this!


The game is good, but I'd say you should get rid of the black backround before you get jumpscared, because it would add a scarier jumpscare

Thanks DarknessMaked!

Unfortunately, I am no longer developing this game, but I will take this feedback into consideration for future titles. Thanks again!

This game is so awesome, I might check out your other games!

(Rating 99.99999/100)

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Maybe in a future game, could you add the 3 "Traps", a changable office(FNAF 1-6) and maybe an AI level?? Like: so you could go Insane Insane: Insane Mode, 35x35 all animatronics at AI Lvl 20. This would be awesome! 


And maybe a Nightmare Mode?(HARDER THAN INSANE)

That ISN'T actually a bad idea!

Oh yeah, well I rat this game 1000.00000/100,000,000

This game is amazing!


its a nice game!!

dose not work cant unzip.....


This is pretty cool! I would give about 9/10 :P

Thanks Lilac!

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This is such a amazing game! if this is a demo please realease the full game on I would love to see what else is in store for me with this game!

Thanks EpicFrog!

The game is not a demo, this is the full and final release, at least for the foreseeable future.

Okay. But for me I can only play one night. Is there more I can access?

Unlike other Five Nights at Freddy's games, each run of FNAF:Final Purgatory lasts a single night. This is because of the random generation aspect of FNAF:Final Purgatory. Because it is randomly generated, there isn't really any way to make a fair and somewhat balanced multi-night system.

Okay. I think I understand.

can you add sonic.exe charaters  it would be so coo

Can you add Dread Duckies (from Dark Deception) In the game. Their mechanic would be that you have to click them when they appear in your office. If you don't they launch their mechanisim in their mouth at you, stunning you. You have to mash F to escape. If the meter runs out, you are dead.

Hi Dread_Ducky,

Thank you for the suggestion! I am no longer developing FNAF: Final Purgatory, as mentioned in the dev log, so unfortunately dread duckies will not be added to the game.


Or add all the other characters from Dark Deception! I've never played it, though. Also, I would be nice if Spring Trap, Scrap Trap, and/or/not Spring Bonnie. The other two features I'd like would be the ability to change the office(FNaF 1-6), and add an AI level.

I try to download for mobile, but it doesn’t think it’s a zip???

Extracting on windows... CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY!!! :3


I just wanna say that I love this game and how it's available for browser play too. I was wondering if it's possible to share the source code sometime in the future. I've been tinkering with VR game creation on Unity and maybe it's possible to bring this game to the Oculus Quest. Reason why I bring the Quest up is hat there isn't really a FNAF game for it yet, and this could be a cool opportunity to port it to VR. 

Message back if you're interested with that idea as much as I am.

Thanks WoodEMeister!

Unfortunately it is not possible to release the source code. Because the game is a fan game, and has copyrighted characters, open sourcing the game could open myself up to a bunch of legal problems I'd rather avoid.

While I have created all of the assets for FNAF:Final Purgatory myself or used assets freely available, the copyright over the intellectual property of the FNAF characters still remains and makes it a very legally grey area. Technically fan games are already in a legally grey area due to using someone else's intellectual property.

(Granted, one could argue that fan games fall under fair use, however this does not always hold up in legal cases.)

Because of this, I do not feel confident in releasing the source code.

As far as VR goes, the game isn't really setup to work with VR. It would probably be easier to rewrite the game from scratch for VR, maybe using some of the old code as reference, than try to port the existing game to VR. The game uses a lot of little techniques and tricks that would not work in VR.

For example, many of the rooms in the game have no walls behind what the player sees, including the security room. This would require all of the rooms to be redone, at least. The 3D models would also need modifying so they are consistently sized, VR controller input would need to be added, the UI would need to be made VR accessible, and a lot more.

It would just be a lot of work, and honestly you'd probably be better of making an entirely new game at that point.

Thanks for the suggestion though! I appreciate it! 🙂


I have one question for Android version of the game When I downloaded, unzipped and installed this version of the game (normal, not gamma), it said it was some sort of a virus. What is the reason for this?

Screenshot link :

Good question. I have no idea why it would be marked as a virus. The game doesn’t have any functionality that I can think of that would lead an app to consider it a virus, though maybe Unity’s automatic statistics collection stuff is causing it?

Regardless, the game shouldn’t be a virus. I don’t know what is causing it to be labeled as one though.

Hello The data shows zip not apk soo thets why it doesn't work

You mean for the Android version?

The Android download is a zip containing two APK files, the normal version and the gamma version (for older Android devices). You will need to unzip the download to access the APK flies.


I downloaded on linux, it said it was on linux but, it just dousent work

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What do you mean "doesn't work"?

Does it not run when you double click it? If so, did you make sure your computer has marked the Linux as an executable? You can search up "Linux <insert OS name here> mark file as executable" in a search engine like Google to find the steps necessary. On Ubuntu, I think you can mark a file as an executable by right clicking it in the file browser and there should be a checkbox that says something like "run as executable".

Edit/Side-note: Please don't down vote my replies trying to help you. It is disrespectful and makes the comments harder to find, which in turn makes it harder for people with similar problems to find the conversation(s) and potential solutions.

when I press start it shows grey, thats all it shows when I play it, the menu and custamiseing works but gameplay douse not work.

just cant play:(

I give it 1 star


What platform are you using? Did you try the downloadable version? Did you get an error log of some sort?

It is hard to say what could be causing the issue without knowing more about the situation. It may be possible for you to play the game, it just might be you have the wrong download and/or there is a bug preventing the game from running.


is it possible to beat well in your case 999/999/999/999/999/999 or more mode

I dunno if it is possible to beat the game on insane with all of the animatronics. I think probably not, since animatronics like Foxy and Mangled rely on the same mechanics, making multitasking between the two very difficult if not impossible.

That said, it would be very impressive if anyone could beat the game with all animatronics on insane difficulty.

Thanks for playing!

holy shis i cant believe i dids it  

OMG Like fnaf is my favorite horror game, and like Freddy is my fave character! I love you fnaf!


I hate scary games, but I love this scary game. Double thumbs up!

Thanks PandaYT!

The cool Game Custom Night

Thanks Danil2018 GameRemaster!

my brightness is also all the way up.

Can you please brighten the office i can't see the door or light button. Thx!!!

Hey SANSTHEPUNNY. Sorry to hear that the office is too dark. I may be able to fix the problem, but I need to know a few more things so I can better determine what the issue is.

If possible, can you take a screenshot of the game and post it either in a reply here, or on a platform like Imgur? That way I can take a look and see if it is a shader/graphics conflict with the game.

What platform are you running the game on? Are you running the game on desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), web (WebGL), or Mobile (Android).

If you are running the game on Android, are you running the gamma version or the normal version? Have you tried the gamma version? If you are not running the game on Android, have you tried the legacy effects? The legacy effects are slightly brighter overall, so maybe that will help.

Thanks! 🙂

hello developer i am back do you make any progress on Android 4.4.4 

For anyone on Itch.IO wondering, here's the Gamejolt comment:

Anyway, to answer your question, yes and no. I think I have discovered what the problem is, and I think I have found a way to replicate the problem on the official Android emulator.

The problem appears to be the Android devices that are not working do not support the full OpenGL ES 3.0 spec. This is a bit of a problem because I am using a linear color space in Unity so the post process effects work correctly, which requires OpenGL ES 3.0. I can compile for OpenGL ES 2.0, which should fix the problem, but I have to switch to gamma color space, meaning not only do the post process effects not work correctly, but also the game is very dark and hard to play.

I may have some solutions, but it will take a bit to work through them, especially with the holidays coming up. I'm shooting to release a bug fix version 0.5.1, sometime late December to early January. Please try to be patient until then 😉

Thanks for inquiring, and happy holidays! 🎉


Maybe add a few easter eggs like being able to boop freddys nose on the poster and get a honk sound? Sounds fun dont it.

I have some plans for some Easter eggs, just need to find the time to add them 🙂


Can you possibly rework the jumpscares? Also the settings do not work for me. It only shows 2-3 at a time even though all characters are selected.

I can probably rework the jump scares. Anything in particular you feel is missing from them? I know they are not terribly scary, but if there is anything else you feel is missing I'll try to take that into consideration.

As far as the options not working, did you change the minimum and maximum animatronic count? By default the game is set to only spawn 1-3 animations at a time, but you can override this by setting the the minimum and maximum animatronic count to a higher value. You can also force it to spawn all animatronics by enabling the "No duplicate animatronics" option and setting the minimum and maximum to something like 20. That should spawn all of the animatronics.


Ok Ill try it. As for the jumpscares, I might have the animations play faster than current and have them tackle or their faces are "pouncing" close to the screen kind of like the jumpscares in FNaF 2 and 4. Just a thought  for a more intense experience. It makes me want to stay alive, so I dont get scared. Let me know if this makes sense.

I think I get what you are saying. I'll see about making the jumpscares faster, and with more threatening/rapid movement. I'll take a look at the jumpscares in FNAF 2 and 4 as reference. I will add redoing the jumpscares to my list of things to add in a future version :)

Thanks jts0329!


That's what I mean. I Appreciate you for listening. I love this game. Probably the best browser based FNaF game; never seen a good 3D FNaF for the web (p.s. I also found out how to adjust the settings, thanks).

Thanks jts0329, I really appreciate the feedback and compliment!

I am glad you are enjoying the game, and I will do my best to keep working on it and make it even more fun and fully featured.

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I know you probably aren't interested in taking suggestions, but here is an idea:

Phantom Animatronics: They either A.randomly show up on the cameras and force the player to change to another or pull it down, B.appear in either door blindspot, and if the player sees them in the light, quickly turn off the door light, or C.appear directly in the office, making the player have to pull up the camera to avoid them. 

If the player fails to do any of these, they will jumpscare the player and temporarily make the cameras unusable.

Thanks for the suggestions supernewtonbros! I appreciate it!

While I have a general idea of what to add and how, I'm always open to any suggestions and/or other forms of feedback anyone has to offer. 🙂

I'll add adding Phantom animatronics to the list of things to add in a future update. I think the ideas are good, I'll just need to prototype and test them to see which works best with the game play and with the code base. While I cannot guarantee they will be added, I certainly do not mind giving it a short and seeing where it goes.

Thanks again!