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THIS GAME IS AMAZING I like how they added baldi and playtime lol

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damn... this game is fucking amazing, dis guy needs more recognition for this game, too much love for the game to go noticed. I be sitting for 3 hours no cap just playing different modes cuz this shit is so fun. 


fuck this is terriying


I like this game.


this game is easier than  i thought


I'm cut like that 😎



Fun little time killer - good job.

Hey, cool game and nice idea.

I got a video if youre interested:

Maybe i will make a small project out of it
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when I pick any animatronics that are location based (Mangle, Foxy, Puppet, they will always show up even if the anim count is less than 3 also to people reading this when you pick animatronics it chooses which ones CAN appear, not WIll appear

Edit: phantom animatronic affects,  especially phantom chica, last way too long

besides the blocky grahpics, great Game!


You know  I play so good I didn't get a jumpscare. Ima have to play it again to see them however for the other games I got'em. 

I think it's a good game, I think you should add a better animation to the animatronics, they don't really scare, it's a very good game, in fact I find it entertaining, I give it a 5/10


this game is trash and what is with chicas pose the anmatronics look like they mangled or some shit and the cam pick where did you get the sounds from the game give a friendly vibe in the man screen


For some reason when I choose multiple animatronics, like Bonnie, Chica, And Freddy, I would only get Bonnie. Nobody else. But when I picked Bonne, Chica, Freddie, Lolbit, and The Puppet, it was only Bonnie, The Puppet, and Lolbit. 
But besides that, I absolutely love the graphics and the obvious work that was put into this. 


it says its dangerous DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Deleted post

pc over 25-46 mb and mobile 80 mb

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this is so bad, that its funny lol


T-T No need to be rude.


no, i liked it, its very great for people who have scary of fnaf games


Oh, sorry for the mis understanding.


no problem

the jumpscares r so funny


effortless is pretty easy


very good game but needs more rooms

Omg this is sooo ceepy

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OMG I DONT KNOW HOW BUT I SURVIVED WITH FREDDY AT THE DOOR WITH 0% OMG THAT WAS CREEPY AND I FOUND COOL STUFF IN THE GAMEand the fox chased the bunnie and i think this is  a bug or glitch idk why but i found freddy bonnie and chica in the same room using the vent that went to the left door uhhh w u t and i beat it with 8 animtronics and 5!

Como desconprimo un archibo .zip

I would recommend searching how to unzip a zip file in a search engine (like Google) for your OS. Something like "how to unzip a zip file Windows" if using the Windows operating system or "how to unzip a file MacOS" if using a Apple computer.

01001000 01000101 01001100 01001100 01001111 !

that scared me

My guy... Are you still stuck in FNAF VR?

idk any more im a ghost and a girl named vanny

h u h

bruh you dont know vanny my boi watch the seacrity breatch traler

I do know vanny, isnt she a white rabbit with red eyes with a knife? .-.

the browser part doesn't start on chrome os

I'd recommend downloading the game to be honest. The WebGL version is graphically limited and the game play is slower on the web version.

well i cant download anything it just downloads as a .exe as a error file

You may be able to run it through Linux if your Chrome OS supports it. You might also be able to run the Android version, again depending on your Chrome OS.


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And What  Are The Map Codes? 

And Could You  Help Me Because Its Not Working

need to get rid of size options had to re download  the game other than that good game 5 stars

broooo this shit here RIGHT here bro IS THE SHIT

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No Shit This is Fucking  AWESOME 


pretty sick


Who else has beaten this game? leave a comment down below.


I Beat it 200 Times

I beat it! :D

I beat this game once, and I can beat it again!!!

Markiplier, check him out some day, he is funny as hell

Markiplier is the best, but my ALL time favourite Youtuber is CoryXKenshin <3


This game is SOOO fun!

I think MARKIPLIER should play this!


The game is good, but I'd say you should get rid of the black backround before you get jumpscared, because it would add a scarier jumpscare

Thanks DarknessMaked!

Unfortunately, I am no longer developing this game, but I will take this feedback into consideration for future titles. Thanks again!

This game is so awesome, I might check out your other games!

(Rating 99.99999/100)

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Maybe in a future game, could you add the 3 "Traps", a changable office(FNAF 1-6) and maybe an AI level?? Like: so you could go Insane Insane: Insane Mode, 35x35 all animatronics at AI Lvl 20. This would be awesome! 


And maybe a Nightmare Mode?(HARDER THAN INSANE)

That ISN'T actually a bad idea!

Oh yeah, well I rat this game 1000.00000/100,000,000

Rate Not Rat

This game is amazing!


its a nice game!!

dose not work cant unzip.....


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