Update 0.2.0

Hey guys!

I just released a new update to the game, taking in all of the input I got from the jam. You can find out what has changed on the game's page, in the change log section.

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who played, rated, and left feedback during the jam! It was very helpful! 
In the end, Dreams of Fire had the following results in the jam:

CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics and Sound
Theme interpretation

Looking at these scores, I can see I need to work harder on making my game better fit the theme, but honestly I'm happy with the results! This jam was a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and hopefully everyone had fun playing! I really enjoyed playing and rating everyone's games! There are so many great entries to the jam!

Moving forward I think I have just a few more things left to do for Dreams of Fire. I'm thinking about expanding the game and making it a fully featured, fully packed game for a moderate price, probably somewhere around the 5-10$ range.

Also, if you are developing using Godot and want to have reconfigurable controls, feel free to look at Controls_Screen.gd on Github. I learned a lot making the reconfigurable control system, and hopefully it will be helpful for others wanting/needing to make reconfigurable controls too.

Thanks again to everyone that has played Dreams of Fire! If you have not played Dreams of Fire yet, I would highly suggest giving it a try! A lot of the problems people had with the previous version has been fixed, and quite a few nice additions have been added too!


Dreams_of_Fire_Linux.zip 30 MB
Jul 13, 2018
Dreams_of_Fire_MacOS.zip 27 MB
Jul 13, 2018
Dreams_of_Fire_Windows.zip 26 MB
Jul 13, 2018

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