A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What happens to demos when development stops? They battle to enter alpha! Will you gather enough resources to enter alpha, or will you be left behind?

Walk through 4 different demos, each with their own unique level. The
entire game has a stylized low-poly look and is powered by the Godot
game engine version 3.0 alpha 1.

DemoDemo is a first person platformer/walking-simulator game made for a game by it's cover jam, using the DemoDemo cartridge as a inspiration (albeit mostly the name and the idea I got based on it). It also features Bana the Banana cartridge and A whale of noise cartridge.

Check out the other entries to a game by it's cover jam here!

If you have a suggestion on what to add/change/remove, let me know in the comments below!

(NOTE: You can read a full (basic) walk through of the steps you need to take in the game in the comments if you get stuck)


DemoDemo_Linux.zip 22 MB
DemoDemo_MacOS.zip 32 MB
DemoDemo_Windows.zip 18 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip the game to play.

For now there is only 64 bit versions of the game for Windows and Linux. (I can add 32 bit if requested, but for now I've chosen to leave it 64 bit)

Development log


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Looks fun!


A great, and kind of original game, I like it.

I have a question though, where did the game find my name? I didn't have an account when I played, so from the computer users or somewhere like that?

Thanks JTGn!

The game uses system environment variables, in this case the username variable. I just assumed that most people (myself included) name their computer profile their name, or something close enough that it wouldn’t break the story if I used it.


I like the idea but ive got no idea what I was suppossed to do in the city whale level. I went to the very to top just to see that there was nothing. The other areas were not accessible as I saw it. Also a but with lighting occurred the second bootup. One last thing because I can see the awesome idea and there is clearly not a lack of skill but THE CONTROLS SUCK. Spacebar does not work, the turning speed of the mouse kills me, WASD go a step to far for platforming, and Ive got no idea about more keys like Q. Sooo I reay want to play it again because I like the idea. Tell me!

Hello Kai20!

Thank you for the feedback. Most of these problems are actually design choices I made that seemed a little off and I wasn't sure if they'd work with the player. Good to know that they don't and my apologizes for the confusion.

Here's a full written walk through of the entire game. There are spoilers but I'll try to keep them to a minimum:

Starting in the overworld you need to enter the whale of noise level.
Once you are in the whale of noise level, you need to get atop the building that the whale is beside. This can be done by climbing scaffolding and various objects. There are two paths, both starting with scaffolding. You need to walk near to the center of the top of the building to interact.
Once you've got to the top of the building, you leave to the overworld and enter Bana the Banana's level. Here you need to gather 5 bananas. Some are sorta hidden but the two most hidden (in my opinion) are in a cave and floating by a saw.
Then you need to run away once you've been given a gift and then leave back to the overworld.
From there you can now get to the I-like-trains level. Here you need to jump from train to train until you reach a floating platform with a power-up on it. From there you can leave back to the overworld and enter the final level: Dark tolls.
In Dark Tolls you need to flip switches to open doors and reach the top of the building. Once there, you need to interact with the object up there and you can end the game.

As for the controls, I probably should have found a way to explain it better at the beginning. You only have the ability to walk at first, and then you slowly acquire more features/abilities, like jumping. I'm not sure what to do about the movement speed (I'll play around with it), and I think I can make the mouse sensitivity an option in the title screen. The Q key was to keep people from quitting when they hit escape thinking it'll pause, however it occurred to me that if you didn't see it at the beginning with the rest of the controls, then you're stuck not knowing how to quit. I'll make a label appear when you hit escape telling the player they can quit by pressing Q, and that should (hopefully) fix that.

Thank you for the kind words and feedback! If you have any idea on how to make the objectives more evident for the player, please let me know.

(Since I've play the game so many times when I'm developing it, I kinda forget that not everyone knows as much about the game as I do... Whoops! Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it!)